Masks Collection

A Separation of Classes

A separation is created between the masked figures and those without. The masks serve to hide the individuals and protect them from the harsh realities of their world. It is a statement of societal indifference to issues that do not affect them. The suffering figures lie below, many looking upward in search for salvation, while the figures above them dance with intoxicated ignorance of the figures below them. There is very little interaction coming from the figures above as they are consumed in their own existence. Further, the stilts upon which some of figures stand illustrates how they are but a small fracture away from being among the lower class below.

About the Collection

The 41 individual works vary greatly in size from small 17" x 21" to a massive 17" x 92" (roughly 8 feet long). The mediums also range greatly and include: oil pastel, Ink wash, chalk pastel, charcoal, and ink pen.